I’m on the cover! Strata @Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland Oregon

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Updates

Excited and honored that my painting “As Above, So Below” is on the exhibition cover for Verum Ultimum Gallery in Portland Oregon! It is a wonderful show, so if you have the chance you can view it HERE.
The original painting and limited edition prints are available thru Verum Ultimum Gallery till the end of the exhibition, please go visit their lovely gallery or website.
“As Above, So Below” explores the microlayers of our inner worlds reflected in the macro of the environment with the larger patterns of the world around us.  The universe is vas
t, and infinite in its spaces, as are the cellular structures within us, and even more unfathomable are the depths of the inner psyche and the untold layers that each of us holds within us.   What appears simple and straightforward upon looking at more closely, we begin to see the weavings and connected paths, the criss-crossing textures, and the rhythms that tie the micro to the familiar landscapes that we live surrounded by.

“As Above, so Below” is the weaving of the vastness around us, and then within us.To factor in the vast unmeasurable realms of the human mind and our emotions; infinite layers are opened up further.
The paths of the rain drops are carved into the wet paint, as are some of the grasses that intermingle at the level of her throat and heart. She stands calm and grounded,  bathed in bright light as a dark storm descends around and behind her; bringing life-giving rain.  Bones lay strewn among the wild grasses around her their shapes reflected in the woven fabric around her head, as she holds a vertebrae and wildflower to her heart, another segment of a skull hangs suspended; a lightning rod and a regal crown.

She is enshrouded by a loosely woven fabric that appears to have a silver metallic glean to it. The light behind her hints at Edwardian lace at her throat.  She stands holding life and death both symbolically and literally, both inward and outward.   

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