New Painting and News

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Interviews, Updates

So much News!

  1.  New Painting – Self-portrait from life
    “Collecting the Muse.” 22 x 18 oil on oval canvas. Available. SOLD
  2. Recommendation: The next time you are looking for a wonderful company to ship your beloved art with, consider Fine Art Shippers They shipped my painting to the AIRE exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. (link to my yelp review)
    and then went beyond and wrote a wonderful article about my art on their site (Link)
  3. AIRE – Vancouver art exhibition is happening right now at
    Federation Gallery – Sept 14 – Oct 4th. – Go check out my painting online or if you are in town. Make sure to make an appt due to COVID regulations.
  4. I was completely speechless at this lovely article written by 300 Magazine about my art:  (Link to article)

“Her contemporary figurative art is impregnated with the concept of the dichotomy of human nature. The talented artist raises the question of duality that – despite its contradictory essence – continues to dwell in all of us. It is simply amazing how Leona Gamble is juxtaposing the most fundamental layers of the conscience with the basic principles of the natural world.”

Would love to hear your thoughts on this painting and anything it inspires within you.  Thrive always.
Leona Gamble

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