Uncovering the Layers of a Wound- The lesson of the Chiron

by | May 19, 2022 | New Painting

A Chiron is the Wounded Healer. The Chiron is our greatest wound, with the possibility of our greatest healing becoming our greatest strength, thru understanding and embracing it.

The woman stands vulnerable and bare chested, surrounded by a swarm of bees.
Her throat is cut, as honey and blood flow down her bare chest, her expression is a mix of sadness, serenity, and strength. The bees swarm around her, capable of stinging her, yet she stands unconcerned, and at ease, perhaps even representing a queen status to them, and providing them nourishment.

She holds in her hand the seed pods called Devils claw, medicinally these are used to help with inflammation, and they cast a Rorschach-like shadow along her breasts, appearing sinister with a more scorpion tail appearance, they are both warning and poultice. This painting weaves the death of one state of mind, with the beginning of another flourishing around her as the Hollyhocks are in full bloom, and the leaves around her show the holes chewed by bugs. Everything is in balance, everything moves interconnected to another. One ending begets a new beginning.

I struggle to put into words the meandering and unfurling journey my paintings sometimes take me on. I often approach a new concept or idea with a base idea of the composition and elements wanted, such as in this case the model having her throat cut and honey pouring from her wound, while surrounded by bees. The rest develops over the months or in this case a full year. The level of thick paint around her head in the white areas is a slow building of that thought process and journey. The texture tells of the many times I came back to the same area, moving, shifting, building, trying to find the language it was seeking.
I brought the Devils Claw seed pods with me when we took reference pics of the model, just because I was drawn to the shape of them and had collected them from Arizona, some 10 years before that. The reminded me of elements of her personality, her scorpion tails if you will. Then to discover that they had medicinal use that beautifully expresses further the multi layers of this painting in particular, and how that and other layers within this painting became.  The lesson of the Chiron is always her wounds and her ability to heal them, are in her own hands, as it is with all of us.

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oil on canvas
36 x 36  Available
I will have limited edition giclee prints for sale soon.

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